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welcome to cooking in pajamas
​Bringing Back the Lost Art of Home Cooking 

My name is Gwenn Weiss, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband of 23 years.  We have a 21 year old daughter, and an 19 year old son. My mission is to bring back the lost art of home cooking. 

I love to cook, but do not want to spend all day in the kitchen. My training includes watching hours of The Food Network, PBS cooking shows and cooking in my home kitchen. I take several cooking classes every year to learn about new techniques and get ideas for new recipes. I can adapt almost any recipes to be made ahead of time. The secret is to find "pockets of time" in your day to get cooking tasks done.  On any given morning you can find me in my kitchen, getting dinner started. Whether it be taking out all the ingredients for a recipe, chopping my vegetables or marinating chicken, I am at my counter, in my pajamas (natch), getting dinner prepped.  In addition, my recipes never require any special cooking skills, or expensive equipment. My family and friends are my recipe testers.

I enjoy entertaining.  My dinner parties are always casual. No need to set a formal table. The food is always amazing, and we have a great time in a relaxed setting. 

My philosophy about cooking is that it should be fun and stress-free. Of has to taste wonderful too!  My meals are wholesome and scrumptous.  There is always room in the week for a little splurge, so I treat my family to the occasional homemade dessert.  I do not believe in extreme diets (i.e. a raw food diet, diet pills), but I believe in eating healthy most of the time. I like to eat organic when it is possible and reasonably priced.  I eat hardly any processed food, but will enjoy the occasional platter of nachos.   

In my free time I volunteer for Bert's Big Adventure, a local children's charity, and the Sandy Springs Police Department. I also enjoy reading, watching movies, playing with our dogs,  and keeping up with my favorite blogs. So, my basic philosophy at CIP is everything in moderation, don't deprive yourself the pleasure of cooking a great meal, and, most importantly, share it with your friends and family.

All of my recipes can be found at my blog:
Gwenn Weiss
Founder, Cooking In Pajamas